We are Tomas and Gunilla and we manage Virisen Lapland with our 2 sons Tom and Ulf. Virisen Lapland is one of the few remaining aktiv fjällägenhet i Västerbottens län which we run according to the ancient traditions of hunting, fishing, farming and tourism. The farm holds high cultural values. The produce from the farm is used in the restaurant where you can enjoy exclusive organic dinners with these home grown ingredients. Today our farm is a modern mountain farm with 25 ewes that have about 20 acres of grazing land and give us refined meat and hide. We have sheep which are among local breeds, Gotland sheep, Allmoge sheep, Gestrike sheep . Folk sheep are highly endangered, we keep them breeding through a living gene bank. The farm also has chickens, calves, rabbits and English setter hunting dogs.

We like to think that the company can be likened to fabric – the warp consists of: – agriculture, hunting, fishing and producing raw materials and ingredients, the weft is tourism, accommodation, restaurant, conference & activities.

For rent

  • Four log cabins with a total of eighteen beds
  • Ten boats with engines
  • Two snow mobiles
  • Meeting room of 250 m² which contains
    • Conference Room
    • Restaurant
    • Kitchen
    • Sauna and Jacuzzi

The venue is suitable for either 20 conference guests, 30 party guests or 40 guests.

Our History

Tomas is a carpenter and has worked on behalf of NCC in Vindeln, including the construction of a new sports hall and new apartment buildings. He also worked on the renovation of both Hällnäs and Grano elementary schools. Upon moving to Virisen in1992, he started a construction company. Gunilla trained at the North’s agricultural school and later in Umeå at Forslunda as a farm laborer. She then worked as a substitute in agriculture for 12 years in Ångermanland, Västernorrland and Västerbotten. After moving to Virisen she worked as the breakfast hostess at Hemavans Wärdshus before their business took off. During the construction of the conference center, she studied tourism, gastronomy and hospitality management at Umeå University focusing on becoming a chef. She took her university degree in 2009.

From farm to fork.

Roadless and powerless

Virisen is about 50 km south east of Tärnaby. The lake is 20 km long and gave the village its name. In 1985 and 1990-91 there was a new mountain road built from Rönnbäck
Virisen is a homestead, we own the buildings but lease the land from the state, the prerequisite to living here is hunting, fishing, tourism and agriculture. Today we process all those components into a modern enterprise with great respect for nature, culture and the environment. If we are to retain the unique and beautiful environment Virisen is then the premise is that we can live and support ourselves on this land. 
Today we are three families who live and work around the lake, we are all tenants of the homestead.

First settler

Named Noah Abrahamsson 1832-1927, he was the settlers medicine man. Noah was recognized to be able to cure rickets. He came to Virisen in the mid-1800s from Simaskalet and was fascinated by the landscape’s great wealth. Wild marshes with cloudberries, lakes with fishing and abundant wildlife in the forest. All this made it possible for people to live here. We are now the 6th generation to live up here. In Karl Andersson’s book on the mountain people from 1957 you can read about Noah’s life and times.

Our view of ourselves

We see ourselves as entrepreneurs with the experience to create a pleasant and comfortable stay for you. We tailor each quotation to the individual, the entire set of menus, services and activities all tailored to your wishes.

Each customer characterizes and adds new tracks for our business.

The development of the company Virisen Lapland

1987 black cabin built
1991 red and blue cabins built
1992 we become permanent residents in Virisen
1993 barn built
1996 machinery shed / dog house is built
1997 sauna by the lake built
1998 renovation of residential buildings (1998 Tom born) (2000 Ulf born)
2000 farm shop and storage area built
2004 loft cabin built
2004 diploma junior enterprise Storumans Development Corporation
2005 boathouse / service building at the lake built
2005 rural scholarship LRF Västerbotten, LRF consultant and Swedbank
2010 conference clear
2012 published in the White Guide ”Sweden’s best restaurants”
2012 Scholarship for impressive pioneer deed in memory of Arne Eklund, founder of Laisalidens Mountain Hotels
2014 black cabin renovated and renamed the Johanna Black

First settler Noah Abrahamsson 1832-1927