Rock ptarmigan hunting with a guide

Hunt rock ptarmigan, capercaillie and black grouse with experienced guide

Tomas and the dogs will guide you on beautiful hunting grounds in our mountains

Hunting with us on Virisen Lapland means you get to hunt rock ptarmigan and grouse with a hunting dog and a guide. Do you have a young dog to train up? If so, Tomas is happy to help.

Hunting Grounds are easily accessible and are just a kilometer away from your accommodation. If you want to get further out in the fields quickly we can fly you out by helicopter!

End the day with a three-course banquet where grouse is the main course.

You and your hunting companions determine the pace and length of the days, and then afterwards there is jacuzzi and hot sauna if you wish.

Stay in a log cabin near the hunting ground

The cabin is ready when you arrive, even cleaning on departure is included. The cabin is fully equipped so it is easy to fix breakfast for yourself.


  • State hunting license
  • Gun license
  • ID
  • Hunting report shall be submitted
Guide: Thomas Olofsson 2-3 pointing dogs per day
Ammunition: Shot gun possibly winter bullets
Wild game: Rock ptarmigan, capercaillie, black grouse
Nearest hunting ground: VA 12, VA 17 and VA 18

Hunting Map State Land Västerbotten
Information about hunting on State land Västerbotten

Here you can see the autumn hunting offer.
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